We issue Florida Contractor License Bonds. FRO surety bonds quickly!

Florida contractor license bondWant to get issued your license or permit bond the same day? No Financial statements are required! You will be able to pick up the phone or download the form online and have the bond the next day!

There are many types of  surety bonds for contractors that we handle at Bob Barra Bonds, Inc. Most of these bonds are License and Permit bonds or Performance and Payment bonds. Many of our customers search for Florida contractor license bonds and find our company very easy and quick to work with. A license bond can be required by the State of Florida, by Counties and or Cities. Electrical, Plumbing or General Contractor license bonds are the typical type bonds we issue along with permit bonds.

We have “A” rated insurance companies that have made the process of securing a Contractor, License or Permit Bond very simple. Most bonds only require an application to be completed and we can turn the License or Permit bond around the same day! We have been writing surety bonds since 1996 and have the experience and knowledge to help you get the bond as quickly as possible so you can get back to running your business.

Most of the time our customers come to us because they have been told by the State, County or City that you need a bond to pull a permit for a job or license in order to conduct business in their jurisdiction. We understand all the types of bonds a contractor may require and will be able to assist in making this a quick and simple process. License and permit bonds or any type of contractor bond is required by government agencies to either obtain your license or to pull the permit to complete a project. When you are issued a bond it guarantees that you will comply with the rules and regulations established by that government agency. Most of these bonds are considered low risk to the insurance companies and we have the ability to secure the bonds at the most competitive rates in our industry based on our history with the insurance companies we represent.