Quick & Simple Financially Responsible Officer Bonds for Contractors.

Financially responsible officer
Want to get a Financially Responsible Officer Bond Fast?

We specialize in issuing Financially Responsible Officer bonds here at Bob Barra Bonds, Inc. We have established markets with “A” rated insurance companies that are willing to issue the FRO bond with just an application for principal’s with decent credit. This allows us to issue the bonds the same day in most cases!

We have the ability and can issue the FRO bond for applicants without good credit also. We will just need to get a little more information than just the application. You will need to call us and we can discuss your personal situation.

We are bond experts, we do not write insurance so we focus solely on bonds for contractors. Our experience and network of “A” rated insurance companies allow us to provide this service to our customers better than anyone else in the industry.

Our company has been writing this type of bond with our markets for several years and this as allowed us to streamline the process and make it very efficient. The Insurance Companies we work with feel that it should not be a long draw out process for our clients that want financially responsible bonds therefore we are able to get these bonds to you much faster than most other companies so you can get back to running your business!

A financially responsible officer/ Qaulifier is required by the State of Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board when the license holder is not the financially responsible officer of the company that is being qualified. One example is when you are using someone’s license to qualify your company. The FRO bond guarantees that the financially responsible officer properly handles the duties of the company. In other words the financially responsible office is the person who is going to assume financial responsibility for the business. The bond amount is $100,000.00. The rate in most cases is 1.5%. The FRO bond must remain in effect as long as the officer remains in this capacity.

We here at Bob Barra Bonds, Inc., will work with you on a one on one level and will walk you through any questions you may have. We pride ourselves on great personal service and are looking to be your long-term partner for any bond related issues that come up as your business develops and expands. It will be like having your own bond department.